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PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 12:16 pm    Post subject: Bleach  Reply with quote

Our story opens up, not in the beginning of our characters journeys, but slightly through. Klay received his Shinigami powers from Aiko during a hollow attack, since then he has become adept at fighting them. Ryooko has had several run-ins with Klay and Aiko and has learnt to deal with the fact that she must work with them from time to time. Ryu partially learnt about his father, Voltaire's, past life and the existence of his 'sister' Yuki. Ryu has also began to receive training from both of them in the Quincy arts. They have had several tough weeks between them and with the suggestion of Ryu's father, Voltaire, they have gone to have a well needed vacation at his summerhouse by the beach.

The cool sea-air casually swished past the group as they sat down on the sand. The smell of sea salt filled their noses and the bright, yellow sun glowed down on them. Klay sat facing out towards the Sea, he was always compelled towards it in a way he couldn't quite understand. He turned his head for a moment to look behind himself, there several metres back was the house they had been staying in for a few days now. He turned back to his resting position again before stretching and standing up. He made a gradual walk towards the sea before swimming in. He turned to the others, Ryu, Ryooko and Aiko and spoke to them, "Come on, jump in!" he moved around in the water which was fairly warm before diving under for a few moments, he had always loved being underwater, there was always something calming about it to him. He just wished that he was as a good a swimmer as Ryu.

Ryu had really been enjoying his holiday, he was surrounded by the people he cared about the most and the weather just made him feel better. His father and sister's training had been so incredibly tough and so it was nice to finally give his body a rest. He was looking at Ryooko for a moment, (Huh, I wonder if she even cares about me?) he though to himself. He quickly put his mind elsewhere when Klay made his way into the water and called them in. Ryu loved swimming more than anything and so he quickly jumped up and ran after Klay. He dived straight in after him and as he did Klay resurfaced just in time to be splashed in the face, "haha, sorry about that bro." Ryu spoke as he too resurfaced.

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